Ed Driscoll

Ali Velshi Out at CNN

If you said “Who?!”, the image at the end of this post might jog your memory. But first, as Big Journalism notes:

TV Newser reported Wednesday that Ali Velshi, CNN’s chief business correspondent, is leaving the network. Friday will be his last day. Velshi has been with CNN since 2001 as a CNN contributor and as the anchor of two financial-themed shows on CNN International.

The upheaval at CNN continues.

Early last month, Velshi and Big Journalism tangled over a segment he did on the state of the American economy as it relates to sequester.

Seemingly every “objective” journalist at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO loves our current president without question. But Velshi was the CNN correspondent who expressed his affection in a rather unique way, in February of 2010:

Over at the most trusted name in news, they sure know how to party when it’s called for.  That was evident this afternoon on CNN Newsroom when anchor Ali Velshi gushed:

Happy birthday, dear stimulus. Our producer Ben Tinker (ph) baked this cake. It is a stimulus happy birthday — first birthday cake, which is also a pie chart. It is the birthday of the stimulus.

No word yet if CNN will be baking Velshi his own cake on Friday, for his years of service to CNN and BHO.