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'Little Blonde Lab Technician' Hard at Work

GARY MITCHELL:  The first thing I ever heard was “watch out for Lt Kirk! In his class you either think or sink.”
JIM KIRK: I wasn’t that bad was I?
MITCHELL: If I hadn’t aimed that little blonde lab technician at you…
KIRK: You what? You… you planned that?
MITCHELL: Well you wanted me to think, didn’t you? I outlined her whole campaign for her.
KIRK: I almost married her!

— From “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” the second Star Trek pilot, starring Gary Lockwood and William Shatner (who turns 82 today) in the above roles.

Huh, the new Star Trek movie might be worth seeing after all, based on the shot of actress Alice Eve as a young Carol Marcus (spoiler alert: the mother of Kirk’s son) in the latest trailer:

[jwplayer config=”pjmedia_eddriscoll” mediaid=”61454″]

Larger image of Eve under the more button, appropriately enough:

Sigorney Weaver’s lawyers are no doubt calling Paramount to insist that she’s got the registered trademark on stripping down to her underwear in times of interstellar crisis. Incidentally, according to Bleeding Cool.com, there’s a URL hidden in the above shot:

Today’s latest Star Trek Into Darkness trailer rewards close observation. There’s a shot of Alice Eve in her skimpies, and that image in particular rewards close scrutiny.

As pointed out by Trek Movie, who I suspect had inside information, there’s a URL hidden in that shot. It’s in the image above. But you won’t see it unless you stop gawping.

Look to the right. Where it says “Low Clearance.” Now look down. There’s a bit.ly URL.

And if you follow it, you end up at with this new poster.

Clicking on it takes you to a photo of the film’s latest poster, which is viewable here.

On a more serious note, I can’t say I enjoyed the first Star Trek reboot movie entirely. It seemed a bit like the movie version of Starship Troopers — the chiseled, youthful metrosexual cast of Beverly Hills 90210 trapped in a science fiction film, rather that the confident midcentury postwar manly swagger of Shatner & Co. Somewhere, I think I read that Mike Stoklasa, the fellow who made those awesome 70-minute long YouTube deconstructions of the Star Wars prequels, said that the Star Trek reboot should be viewed as the best Star Wars prequel George Lucas never made. Perhaps the attitude to have going into the next film.

There also seems to be a slight homage to Dr. Strangelove, based on the lighting ring above a circular conference table shown in this Daily Mail article. I’ll have to check the CRM-114 to be certain.

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