Working for the Clampdown

“In Britain, it’s D-Day for Press Freedom, as political hacks try to muzzle newspapers,” Glenn Reynolds notes, linking to this article in the UK Sun:


It’s not for me to tell Brits what to do, of course, but personally I think anyone who votes in favor of newspaper licensing should be dragged from his or her bed, whipped through the streets, and then hanged from a lamppost. But then, I’m old-fashioned. It would be nice, though, if Westerners defended their traditional liberties with the vigor shown by Muslims defending the Koran.

Oh, I don’t know. Britain will be adapt to government control of their newspapers, just as America has.

Update: A reader emails some kind words about our blog, along with “Working for the Clampdown — Australian edition:”

Thank you for your unceasing efforts, insight and dry wit.

I thought I might brighten your day by noting that the Left in the United Kingdom is not alone in its efforts to implement restrictions on free speech.

The Australian Labour Party is doing much the same in Australia. The reaction in the left wing press shows how badly undereducated the Western public and its so-called elite have become. Everywhere you go the sanctimonious progressives come with you and tell you what to do, say, or think.

See further eg Andrew Bolt’s blog on the subject:

Thank you again for your excellent work.

Best of luck to you.


Thanks; and back at you — I think we’re all going to need it over the next four years.


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