Ed Driscoll

Two CNNs In One!

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

“U.S. gasoline prices broke a nearly three-month upward spiral in early March, and motorists can expect a bit more relief in the coming weeks, according to the latest Lundberg Survey,” CNN reports today.

But hey, isn’t that bad news, considering the Obama administration’s anti-consumer energy policy, and that in late November, CNNMoney was begging the administration, “One fiscal cliff fix: Raise the gas tax.”

But then, since late 2008, from old media’s point of view, isn’t it always time for a gas tax?

(Found via Twitchy, which includes a Tweet from one media consumer not buying the MSM’s Orwellian spin: “Hilarious #MSM @CNN — Gas goes up 50 cents, not a word, it goes down 5 cents, its a front page article.”)