Ed Driscoll

Saturday Night Geritol

“Steve Martin’s ‘where are they now’ photo will make you feel old.”

That it does, that it does. (And yes, I immediately recognized everybody in the photo, since I stopped watching the latter editions of SNL, other than occasional YouTube clips, about 15 years ago.)

Speaking of SNL, I meant to link to this New York Times article on aging rock stars hitting their sixties (or older — Mick Jagger will be 70 on July) when it originally ran in December. One of the recurring vignettes in Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live by Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad are moments where the cast of the original SNL roll their eyes or openly trash an aging show biz pioneer if they spotted him wearing a toupee, or (in the case of Milton Berle), spraying paint onto his forehead to hide his bald spot, or wearing lifts in his shoes. Apparently twenty-somethings in the 1970s didn’t believe that age would ever catch up with them, or their idols.