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That'll Leave a Mark, Part II

"If anything Obama may resemble Gerald Ford more than any other president," Mark Judge writes at the Daily Caller, dubbing the 44th president "the mediocre messiah," along with a resounding "meh:"

In fact, Like Ford, Obama follows a fiscally disastrous and controversial president, yet largely continues that president’s military and spending policies. Like Ford, Obama seems like a placeholder between the liberalism of the past and the financial reckoning to come, when a president with genuine courage and charisma — Reagan — will have to set the ship straight.

Of course, there is the possibility that America can’t produce another Reagan — that the country in the 21st century has become as mediocre as its president. After all, we are talking about the place where Justin Bieber sells millions of records and “Two and a Half Men” has been airing for over a decade. When Ford was president the top show was “All in the Family,” which reads like Shakespeare today.

Whatever his faults, Ford was certainly a much more benign Washington presence than our current president, not to mention having infinitely more experience in Congress before becoming President Nixon's veep. However, like Ford, math certainly doesn't appear to be Mr. Obama's specialty, either.