Ed Driscoll

That'll Leave a Mark, Part I

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New ad by Star Parker compares gun control to Jim Crow days,”  as spotted by Right Scoop.

Why, it’s as if vast swatches of the “Progressive” playbook have been airbrushed out of history, or something: nobody show this video to Rolling Stone:

Rolling Stone, the journal of popular culture prints an article today entitled; The Gun Industry’s Deadly Addiction which blames the gun industry and racism for the surge in gun sales over the last few years. Their myopic reportage, of course, doesn’t look at the Left’s part in the record-breaking gun sales. instead they focus on ridiculous bullshit;

Much of the industry’s recent success is linked to politics – in particular, to the gun-buying public’s anxiety about the first black man in the White House.

Seriously, that line isn’t played out yet? I’d have guessed that we got over the whole race thing after the first term. The president denigrated us gun owners during the first campaign and we all knew it was only a matter of time before he came for our guns once he didn’t need our votes any more.

Perversely, the Newtown massacre has only added to the wave of panic buying – as consumers stockpile weapons that could be outlawed.

Perversely? Really? Gun owners knew that the media sensation would drive the emotional Leftists to demand that something, anything be done. So we bought up the things that would be banned as a result. It wasn’t the Newtown shootings that caused the buying, it was the Left’s emotional reaction to it that drove us the stores.

When did Fox Butterfield start writing for Jann Wenner?