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Goodnight America, It's Been Fun!

"Yahoo now has a 'common-sense guide to raising gender-neutral kids,'" Richard Fernandez writes at the Belmont Club:

The problem for teenagers in the ’60s was to ‘find themselves’. The problem for modern pre-schoolers is to find their gender.

Yahoo now has a “common-sense guide to raising gender-neutral kids”. 1. Let your child pick his own clothes. 2. Eschew heavily gendered toys. 3. Don’t teach stereotypes. 4. Set a good example by not acting a gender part. 5. Don’t limit your child’s dreams of the future, etc.

Unless you raise your kids in a ‘gender neutral’ way you are failing in your duties as a politically correct parent … carer … guardian or whatever. Like optional infanticide, a child’s gender (you thought I was going to say ‘your child’ didn’t you?) is now a choice. A Colorado family sued a school after administrators barred six year old Coy Mathis from using a girl’s bathroom. “Coy was born a boy but according to her mother she started expressing herself as a girl at the age of 18 months.”

“For many transgender people, discrimination is a daily part of life. Unfortunately for Coy, it has started very early,” lawyer Michael Silverman said. “The world is going to be looking at the school (to) send a message to the world and teach tolerance, fair play and equal rights.”

There was a time when parents would have warned their male children against going into girl’s bathrooms dressed in a skirt.  Today’s that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Goodnight America -- drive safe; it's been fun!