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Taking the 'Broken Window' Economic Fallacy Far Too Literally

"Occupy DC ruined stimulus-funded park," according to the Daily Caller:

The stimulus-funded Washington, D.C. park taken over by Occupy protesters in late 2011 and early 2012 is finally starting to get back on its feet thanks to a taxpayer-funded re-sodding job by the National Park Service.

“Occupy D.C.’s nearly five-month presence in McPherson Square left the park a brown, sodden mess not long after it received a $400,000 renovation paid for by the 2009 federal stimulus act,” according to dcist.com.

The National Park Service began re-sodding McPherson Square at taxpayer expense in April 2012, reportedly rejecting offers from some of the park’s Occupiers to help with the effort. The re-sodding was expected to cost $7,000.

“The grass is regrown, and a bit shaggy in places, with yellowing splotches in places, though that could be an effect of the winter sun,” dcist.com reports.

The National Park Service received $750 million in President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package. Aside from the $400,000 spent on McPherson Square prior to its symbolic occupation, it is unclear how many other stimulus-funded parks were damaged by the high-profile nationwide protests.

So it's Paul Krugman's "Miracle of the 1940s," or perhaps given the freakazoid nature of the some more crazed denizens of OWS, his alien invasion fantasy on a tiny scale, practiced by those who believe in the Broken-Window Fallacy, and apparently wish to live it out:

Or to put it another way, "By Their Trash We Shall Know Them."