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Maybe a truly modern Second Amendment will replace the right to bear arms, with the right to watch Matthew Modine movies, assuming any of them are ever made. We can put that in the amendment too.

The Second Amendment was written so far away from this moment in which we are living. Over the decades, our Constitution has been updated and made more civilized and fair by way of amendments. It’s time to let go of these weapons that cause such massive suffering to our population.

Here lies the empty head of the professional liberal. The present isn’t a year or an age, it’s a moment. A passing fleeting thing.

1791 is an eternity away. A period of time that is so vast that he can hardly conceive of it, not because of the chronological distance, but the cultural distance.

How far away is 1791? To Matthew Modine, its an infinite distance measured by every liberal social gimmick that he is wedded to. The modern liberal is not an American, he is a citizen of Liberalvania, a fanciful magical kingdom where money is infinite and everyone gets gay married and then breaks into showtunes. It’s not a real place, it’s a state of mind.


“Who’s Up for Another Celebrity Lecture About Gun Control?”, from Daniel Greenfield at Front Page.

(Found via Sultan Knish. By the way, was Modine perfectly cast as the uber-liberal, uber-weenie deputy police comissioner in  The Dark Knight Rises, or what?)


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