Ed Driscoll

Lifestyles of the Rich and Environmentally Correct

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results:

“Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen add finishing touches to $20m moated fortress with an outdoor play area for the children,” the London Daily Mail reports today.

But as deeply committed environmentalists, will they leave the lights off for an hour in March?

Linking to a post on Derek Jeter, another superstar athlete with his own gigantic mansion and tiny environmentalist Mini-Me persona, Glenn Reynolds posits a “Great plot for a novel: Underground group targets mansions, private jets of global-warming hypocrites for destruction; no one can figure which side of climate debate they’re on.”

Or as Blogger JammieWearing Fool quips, “Perhaps [Jeter] can team with Tom Brady to lecture us about Earth Hour this year.”

And finally, Al Gore, having sold out his television network for a $70 to $100 million paycheck from Big Oil, lectures on the corrosive effect of Big Money from Big Oil funding television networks.