A Tale of Two Young Senators

Actually, it’s more a tale of how the media responds to two young senators:

Froma Harrop, Real Clear Politics, December 26, 2006.


— Terry Moran, ABC News, today.

As Joel Pollack of Big Journalism responds to Moran today, “You were an English major. What are you doing writing about foreign policy? Sauce, goose, gander.” **

And of course, the same question Moran asked about Sen. Paul could be asked about Sen. Obama in 2008 — and was; even after he was president-elect. Recall Tom Brokaw of NBC and Charlie Rose (then still PBS) pondering in mid-November of 2008 how interesting Mr. Obama was — even though we (Tom and Charlie) don’t know anything about him. And even though both men hold themselves out as journalists who work in buildings with offices full of reporters, editors, producers, and even Internet access to help research that question:

* Incidentally, note that at Real Clear Politics, six years after Froma Harrop’s “Obama Scores as Exotic Who Says Nothing” piece in 2006, the mystery continues: “Even After 4 Years, Obama Remains a Mystery,” a headline there stated this past September. Curiously, journalists seemed to have finally understood his worldview pretty well by the time of his second inauguration.


** Note that one doesn’t even need to be an English major to be an on-air “journalist” at ABC and question powerful politicians, if your liberal credentials are sufficiently burnished ahead of time — and no, I’m not talking about George Stephanopoulos.

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