A Scalia for All Seasons

One of the “benefits” of today’s “Present-Tense Culture,” in which no one remembers anything prior to the Beatles landing at JFK, is that Justice Antonin Scalia was able to make a protest during Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday that likely flew entirely under the MSM’s radar. Fortunately, Kevin Walsh, a University of Richmond School of Law professor, got the reference:


The twitterverse is alive with tweets about Justice Scalia’s headgear for today’s inauguration. At the risk of putting all the fun speculation to an end . . . The hat is a custom-made replica of the hat depicted in Holbein’s famous portrait of St. Thomas More. It was a gift from the St. Thomas More Society of Richmond, Virginia. We presented it to him in November 2010 as a memento of his participation in our 27th annual Red Mass and dinner.

At his First Things blog, Matthew Schmitz adds, “Wearing the cap of a statesman who defended liberty of church and integrity of Christian conscience to the inauguration of a president whose policies have imperiled both: Make of it what you will.”

Or to put it another way, “God help the people whose statesmen walk your road.”

(Via Joe Carter of the Acton Institute.)


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