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Deja 'Bama All Over Again

2013 is starting off much like 2009: In Washington, superstar musicians at the presidential inauguration are caught recording their performances ahead of time, perhaps in tacit homage to our teleprompter-obsessed president: Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman in 2009; pop singer Beyoncé and the National Anthem yesterday.


Much more importantly, as in 2009, at town hall meetings where Democrat officials thought they could similarly phone it in, individual citizens demonstrate just how out of touch with both the Constitution and reality their elected officials are: At William A. Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection blog, Anne Sorock spots a veteran who stands up our Second Amendment rights at a Chicago anti-gun forum:

After enduring hours of derision and mockery by the panelists at a Chicago-area guns “forum” Sunday, one man in the audience stood up and addressed the crowd, identified himself as a veteran, and proceeded to give a straightforward but passionate defense of his support for the First and Second Amendments.

The forum, despite having been marketed by the organizers from the New Trier Democrats as a “space for real conversation,” had until then allowed for anything but discussion.

Countless snide remarks and dubious facts were placed on powerpoint slides as the audience, largely filled with NRA supporters, were repeatedly “shushed” and told to write any questions down for a later Q&A.

Still, as time went on, and especially after speaker Bill Jenkins placed a photograph of Nazi paraphernalia on the screen with the caption, “this is what a gun show looks like,” and after he had put a picture of a chihuahua with the words “this is what I think the NRA really is” up, the crowd had nearly had it.

Finally, when panelist Lee Goodman of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition responded to a question about the original reasons for including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights by saying “it didn’t matter [what their intentions were],” it was enough for the combat veteran to speak up:


Watch the whole thing. A transcript is available at the above link.

As Jacobson himself asks in another Second Amendment-related post, “Could this be to 2014 what Obamacare was to 2010, an issue which cuts across party lines outside of the big cities?”

And of course a reminder — if you attend an event such as this bring your video camera. And bring a friend with his own video camera — just in case.

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