Ed Driscoll

Lebensraum, Geritol Style

“Germany accused of ‘deporting’ its elderly: Rising numbers moved to Asia and Eastern Europe because of sky-high care costs.” Somebody at the London Daily Mail had fun writing this one up:


German pensioners are being sent to care homes in Eastern Europe and Asia in what has been described as an ‘inhumane deportation’.

Rising numbers of the elderly and sick are moved overseas for long-term care because of sky-high costs at home.

Some private healthcare providers are even building homes overseas, while state insurers are also investigating whether they can care for their clients abroad.

Es ist die demographie, dummkoff!

No word yet if the German railway service is pressing boxcars into service for the mass resettlement, but one thing is for sure: When history rhymes, it often does so with a wicked sense of black humor.

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