Star of Film Loaded with Gratuitous Violence Says Film Violence Inspires the Real-life Violence

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

“Jamie Foxx on ‘SNL’ — ‘Great’ to Kill White People in New Movie.”


Big Hollywood, December 9th, 2012.

“Jamie Foxx Says Film Violence Inspires Real-life Violence.”

Big Hollywood, today.

Well, in addition to its 100+ uses of the N-word, that seems like yet another reason to avoid Quentin Tarantino’s new film. Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to link this quote from Foxx in the London Daily Mail for a couple of days now: “Every single thing in my life is built around race.”

As we’ve seen with such respected and previously more-or-less apolitical African-American stars as Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones declaring half the country racist, Foxx’s admission isn’t all that surprising these days, is it? But it is like something out of Liberal Fascism.

And speaking of its author, back in 1998, Jonah Goldberg wrote, “Something remarkable has happened to the cultural Left in the 1990s. Sex is everything:”

Sexuality has become the linchpin of human identity, replacing race as the chief source of activism and passion in discussions of civil rights, politics, and public morality. In a calculated maneuver, the Left has decided to brand Clinton’s sexual behavior with Monica Lewinsky private — despite all of the evidence that Clinton dragooned the country into the most public illicit affair in modern history and then compounded his misdeed with other crimes. Yes, the affair was metaphysically tacky and bordered on the deviant, but the more unconventional the expression of sexuality, the more comfortable the Left is in defending it. Obviously, this represents a tectonic shift in feminist dogma.


But that was then. Now the American left is saddled with a very different, but also very flawed president for the Left to defend. And thus Foxx’s quote and similar admissions from other black Hollywood stars neatly, if unintentionally define 21st century “Progressivism” (and how little it truly “progresses”), and life in what James Taranto has dubbed President Obama’s “Most-Racial America.”

Related: A commenter at Hot Air quips, “Yeah, how many Mary Pickford films helped pushed Andrew Kehoe over the edge?” Heh.


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