Socialism for Thee, But Not for Me

The Washington Post in 2009 (as expressed by subsidiary publication Newsweek, when it was still owned by the Post):

But like John Kerry, Warren Buffett, and numerous other fellow Obama-supporting One Percenters, the Post throws all their socialist bunkum out the window when it’s their money on the line:


The Washington Post Co. will pay its 2013 dividends before the end of this year to try to spare investors from anticipated tax increases.

The media and education company said Friday that its dividend of $9.80 per share is payable Dec. 27 to shareholders of record as of Dec. 17. The payout is instead of regular quarterly dividends next year.

Washington Post is the latest company to move up its quarterly payout or issue a special end-of-year payment to protect investors from potentially having to pay higher taxes on dividend income starting in January.

To paraphrase Ann Coulter’s remarks about Al Gore in 2007, when he publicly refused to lead the same environmentally correct lifestyle he was espousing to the rest of us, the Post may be hypocrites, but they’re not morons.

Well, in this instance, at least.

And speaking of the now little-read magazine it formerly owned, “Newsweek Lays Off Dozens, Just in Time for Christmas,” Newsbusters reports, with another reminder that Tina Brown’s magazine can’t escape the horrific karma it generated for itself during its former life:

Things have really come full circle for the perpetually troubled liberal magazine Newsweek, since it infamously smeared Newt Gingrich on its cover as “the Gingrich who stole Christmas.” Eighteen years later, Newsweek is literally doing that to more than 50 employees it fired on Friday.

The pink-slipped staff for the Newsweek/Daily Beast Company received a letter from Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown and Chief Executive Officer Baba Shetty on Friday that can be summed up in four words: “Happy holidays. You’re fired.”

The email announcement that as many as half of the people on the editorial staff are losing their jobs has drawn comments ranging from “a sad day” to “the best news I’ve heard all afternoon.”


That last comment comes from blogger JammieWearingFool, who gleefully twists the shiv even further: “You might not have a job, but you helped get Obama re-elected, and isn’t that all that matters?”

Fortunately, there’s plenty of new housing available in the DC area if the Newsweek staffers need to downsize. Washington Post approved, to boot!

Related: At the other end of the Northeast Corridor, “Guided by the Spirit of Fox Butterfield, the New York Times Inadvertently Confirms that Tax Competition Is Needed to Curtail Government Greed.”

But then, what does the Times write that isn’t guided by the spirit of Fox Butterfield?


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