Ed Driscoll

Howard Kurtz Gets All Wee-Wee'ed Up

Oh, I can think of someone else who inserted an object into a jar of urine, can’t you? I’m sure the New York Times can, as they later rewarded him with a commission to illustrate at least one of their articles.

I could understand it, if Kurtz had said that his fellow former CNN employee was something of a hypocrite for creating a knock-off of a work of art that he’d otherwise condemn. As with many on the right adopting the Alinksyite tactics they condemn from the left, (just as the left went through their phase of creating clones of conservative think tanks and institutions of the right such as the Media Research Center, talk radio and Fox News) that would be a reasonable line of attack. But how do you not immediately get the Piss Christ reference?

Ace writes, “Howard Kurtz, who once claimed that Anthony Weiner’s dick-pic was plainly the result of a ‘hack,’ turns out to just be a generally-stupid person.” Kurtz is much more partisan that he lets on with his above the fray media critic pose — but I don’t think he’s in any way dumb. Perhaps, as we saw with his initial rush to defend Anthony Weiner, the rapid-fire Twitter platform isn’t the best media for him.

But again — how do you not immediately get Beck’s reference to Piss Christ?

In any case, someone once said the true test of great art is that changes how we look at the art that came before it. I don’t think either Andres Serrano’s filth, inspired by clapped out old Marcel Duchamp, nor of course, do I think Beck is a great artist — though he’s certainly a great polemicist and hugely successful businessman — but in this case, he’s managed to at last change how we look at one piece of “art,” and its staunchest defenders.

And he’s having fun with mocking their religion, which really gets the left all wee-wee’ed up.

The performance artist formerly known as Saul would approve.