The Anti-Electric Horseman Strikes Again

As Christian Toto notes at Big Hollywood, “Robert Redford has a serious case of projection:”

The actor/activist, best known these days for his work on behalf of the Sundance Film Festival, is blasting those who disagree with him on global warming climate change as being ideological extremists with narrow points of view.

Here’s the actor talking to The Hollywood Reporter on his hope for substantial legislation to battle the effects of climate change.

“It’s been tied up for so long, it’s been bottled up for so long, it takes awhile to undo things,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “Particularly when you have elements still in play there that are living in the 1950s. And their points of view are so narrow and so ideologically driven that it’s not likely you’re going to see much change there. As a matter of fact, it might provoke them to be even more contentious. So I guess I put my hope more in the people, not so much in current government.”

Ah, the 1950s. The favorite target of today’s oh, so tolerant Left.


Toto’s piece is titled, “Redford Calls Climate Change Deniers ‘Narrow … Ideologically Driven.'” Given Redford’s lavish lifestyle, funded by Hollywood’s tax cuts, presumably he’s including himself among the “deniers,” right?

[youtube YaUQQMv80Oo]


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