Ed Driscoll

Then: Lawrence of Arabia. Now: Brimmer of Minneapolis

As always, reality (such as it is these days) eventually catches up with satire.

Back in late 2004, after GWB won re-election Rush Limbaugh played a clip of David Westin, then the president of ABC news, suggesting that the media needed “more foreign correspondents in Alabama,” as Rush sardonically paraphrased. In mid-2008 with a very different election result potentially looming, novelist Robert Ferrigno wrote a forward-looking piece of satire that posited that Mr. Obama would eventually appoint Bill Clinton “Ambassador to the Heartland” by the end of his first term. (And as we saw over the past couple of months, did he ever.)

Today the Weekly Standard reports, “State Department Sends Assistant Secretary to … Minneapolis.” “The press release is written in the same way an announcement for a trip abroad would be described. Except [Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer] is only going to Minnesota.”

I wonder what she’d say if she was asked to take the Schultz Test?