Time Magazine: We Are All Welfare Victims Now

Here’s the current Time magazine cover with the headline, “One Nation Subsidized: How Big Government Underwrites Your Life”alongside its predecessor, as this week’s Time cover is simply the flipside of Newsweek’s January 2009 cover that declared, “We Are All Socialists Now.” (The July 2011 Time cover that shredded the Constitution connects the two issues together.)


Spotted by Rob Long of Ricochet, who notes it’s basically an article-length version of Obama’s “you didn’t build it” speech, which begins:

The sun is shining on Miami Beach, and I wake up in subsidized housing. I throw on a T-shirt made of subsidized cotton, brush my teeth with subsidized water and eat cereal made of subsidized grain. Soon the chaos begins, two hours of pillow forts, dance parties and other craziness with two hyper kids and two hyper Boston terriers, until our subsidized nanny arrives to watch our 2-year-old. My wife Cristina then drives to her subsidized job while listening to the subsidized news on public radio. I bike our 4-year-old to school on public roads, play tennis on a public court…

As Rob writes, “This is the world the left has created and boasts about, proudly.”

And defends it vigorously, as Time’s worldview is shared by the rest of Time-Warner, which includes CNN and HBO.

Rob notes that “The Founders, among others, are spinning with curses in their graves.” Time magazine founder Henry Luce is spinning in his grave as well. I doubt he intended his 1940s-era vision of “The American Century” to conclude with its transformation in a super-sized version of the mid-’70s-era British welfare state.


As David Harsanyi writes today in Human Events, “Democrats lose grip on reality.”

It’s all fun and games until the bill comes due. And with the government now $16 trillion in debt, it’s about to:


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