Ed Driscoll

Senor 1, Mitchell 0

As the Washington Free Beacon notes (click over for video), “Andrea Mitchell blames Israel first,” only to be schooled by Romney foreign policy advisor Dan Senor:

Let me respond. You said a lot. Let me respond to it. Choices that certain actors make in the Palestinian territories as it relates to security and violence and terrorism against the Israelis requires the Israelis to do certain things, to protect basic security. You talked about the security fence. You talked about the roadblocks. They don’t put up the roadblocks to have fun. They put up the roadblocks so they can actually see if someone coming in Israel has a suicide bomb strapped to their belt, to inspect a human or to inspect a vehicle to see if it’s loaded with explosives takes a little time. When you have a lot of people lined up at a roadblock and you have to check every car and every body to make sure someone’s not coming in to blow up a classroom full of school children, that takes time and that absolutely imposes that time and hassle and inconvenience absolutely imposes an economic burden on the Palestinian society. but this isn’t a choice Israel is making. It’s a response Israel is taking. In response to these decisions that these terrorists are making. So you tell me if that is Israel’s fault or that is a choice that certain actors in the Palestinian territories are making that are hurting their own people, that are hurting Salam Fayyads who just want normalcy.

Now, when will Barack Obama school his press secretary on what the capital of Israel is? Of course, that depends on which Obama you ask — the 2008 or the 2012 model.

Update: By the way, if you’re an Olympics fan who’s wondering why NBC is running the events in tape delay, this fellow has an excellent suggestion: “They could put it on live on their stupid cable network, and then they could play it on primetime if they want the ratings for replay.”

That would mean less Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, but perhaps NBC prefers the editing flexibility that a tape delay provides.