'Weiner Pulls Out'

Headline by Drudge of course, linking to a CBS report that America’s favorite Twitter user won’t be running for mayor of New York. Too bad; a Weiner versus Alec Baldwin campaign for Democrat mayor of New York would have been a field day for pundits and bloggers, and along with Al Franken, senator from Minnesota, and Barack Obama, rookie senator to the White House, the perfect summation of the maturity level of the Democratic Party in the 21st century.


Still though, Weiner will always a career waiting for him at MSNBC or Al Gore’s Current TV; a representative of the former network’s parent channel describes Weiner as “cuckoo smart,” which is precisely what America is looking for when it comes to its public officials.

Speaking of NBC, its business channel sadly isn’t immune to the corrosive effects of leftwing activism, either: “CNBC Producer Slams Business Owners Angry over Obama Remarks,” Dana Loesch writes at Big Journalism. Read the whole thing.


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