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The President says, “most people would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard”.

—The same President that for nearly four years has blamed his own trackless failures and protracted ineffectiveness on his predecessor, President Bush, when for his first two years in office his party had majorities and control of both the House and the Senate as well as the White House.

When that started to wear thin, he blamed a “particularly harsh Winter”.

When it wasn’t the snow anymore, he then blamed the Arab Spring, the uprisings in Egypt and the shortages of oil from Libya to Europe.

Then we were led to believe that his economic recovery plans of hundreds of billions in deficit spending could not withstand the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Tsunami in Japan, floods in the mid-west, and finally an earthquake and a tropical storm both within a week.

The President tells us that the villains are mother nature, big oil, wall street, corporations, the bankers, the insurance industry, the coal miners, the millionaires and billionaires, congress, global warming, and the Texas wild fires.

How are we are going to get back on track with an administration whose policies work contrary to an expanding private sector from which all of our prosperity comes —the creators of real sustaining jobs within organizations that have essential private risk taking and recourse to keep them going concerns with recurring and regular payrolls.

Dump this creed of redistributive wealth by government ration including a Secretary of Agriculture who sees his primary job as increasing participants in the SNAP Food Stamp program that now number 46 million Americans and is now spending $20 million in an advertising campaign seeking even more participants.

Dump this administration that believes in the folly of telling Americans that the collective will well provide for their individual healthcare.

Dump this administration that sees the federal government on a street corner handing out a $1,000 a second and thinks the line will someday get shorter, instead of bringing restraints on federal appropriations that are clearly unsustainable with a public debt nearing $16 trillion, that is now more than GDP, and 40 cents of every dollar spent by government today is borrowed.

There shall be consequences to this President’s legacy of multiple trillions of deficit spending —more than any other administration of government in the history of the world.

How easy it is to govern when you just spend, spend, spend, spend, spend without restraint, instead of rising to the occasion, taking responsibility and making hard decisions like the rest of us outside of Washington are having to do during these hard times —and we’re told, “I’ve tried real hard”.

At what ?

Just last week at a high school in Durham, New Hampshire this President told an audience of high school students,

“You can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding Planned Parenthood, we should make sure that in this country, women control their own health care choices. That’s up to you”.

—equating the failure of public funding of contraceptive birth controls and abortions the same as restricting access to the same.

Again, this is a President who chooses the venue of a high school to say all this.

This is the same President who rewards Sandra Fluke and her outspoken college behavior at Georgetown University with a telephone call from the White House last March.

At every opportunity this President repeatedly tells our young people at commencement how our Constitution is a “fundamentally flawed document” as he seeks to disassociate our young from the founding fathers of our republic and inculcates a huge false sense of entitlement in our young with his own revisionist account of American history.

Just what message is this to our young people from the President of the United States, and just what business does he have in doing this at all ?

This, together with seeking more and more on food stamps shows us that what you’ve tried so real hard at is to further the demoralization and debasement of American society.

I conclude the “fundamental change” of this collectivist President is a willful and deliberate attempt to separate our young people from their own parents, grandparents and any religious instruction, disassociate them from America’s founding and its noble history, and to undermine and destroy our American culture altogether with this spineless rhetoric of impotence and mendacity.

It is this depravity, degeneracy, and decadence of a secular creed that simply must be defeated.


Real Clear Politics reader Carlos Lumpuy, responding to video there titled “Obama: Most People ‘Would Acknowledge That I’ve Tried Real Hard.'”

Meanwhile, at Ace of Spades, co-blogger RD Brewer responds to Mr. Obama’s whinging remark with a photo-essay.


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