Ed Driscoll

The Party of Not a Snowball's Chance in the Senate

As John Hinderaker writes at Power Line, “Senate Democrats Achieve a New Standard of Irresponsibility:”

The Senate voted on five budgets today, at the insistence of Republican senators. The result was revealing: no Senate Democrat voted in favor of any budget. This is consistent, of course, with the fact that the Democrat-led Senate has refused to adopt a budget, in violation of federal law, for the last three years. Still, it is a little shocking to see that not a single Democrat was willing to vote in favor of anybudget, even the most irresponsible.

President Obama’s budget fared the worst; it lost, 99-0. This means that the presidents FY 2013 budget has now been rejected by the House and Senate by a combined vote of 513-0. Earlier today, as Paul noted in a post a little while ago, Obama demanded a “serious bipartisan approach” to the nation’s budgetary crisis. Bipartisan? He can’t even get a single Democrat to support his radically irresponsible proposals.

Why President Obama’s fellow Democrats hate him so? (Why, you could fill a book with that topic.)