Ed Driscoll

Hey, is This Thing On? Check One, Two. Check One, Two!

We’re back in our P-51 Mustang, after our tour of duty on the bridge of the mighty USS Instapundit — a big thanks to Glenn Reynolds for allowing me to sit-in this past week, and a big thanks to my co-bloggers, whose posts were always a joy to read. As with the blog here at PJM and all of the great names I’m surrounded by, it’s quite an honor to share space with those whose blogs and articles I’m reading all of the time when not sitting in for the Professor.

And a big thanks to Glenn’s readers as well — checking Glenn’s Gmail account, one of the secrets of Instapundit quickly became obvious: in part, it’s a heavily edited and carefully selected version of Glenn’s email account. Glenn’s readers send him great material, making it easy for me this past week to cull it all down and put up all sorts of links to great articles.

As soon as I’m done removing the turret, glove-box refrigerator, Sidewinder missile launchers and flamed paint job from Glenn’s RX-8 before he notices, we’ll be back shortly with our usual assortment of posts on the news of the day. But if you missed the interviews and video that went up this past week, timed to coincide with our week on the big stage, click below for:

  • My latest Silicon Graffiti video: Weimar? Because We Reich You, on Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind (and Tom Wolfe’s From Bauhaus to Our House, and maybe a soupçon of Jonah’s Liberal Fascism, as well).

Back with more in a bit.