The Hour of Power Approaches: Celebrate Human Achievement Hour!

Liberal pieties in the 1970s, aimed at children — “We’re gonna turn it on; we’re gonna bring you the power!”

Liberal pieties in the 21st century, aimed at turning us all into children — “We’re gonna turn it off, we’re gonna ban your power!” (And light bulbs, gas, shopping bags, proper hygiene, etc.)


Canada’s Ezra Levant says nuts to all that, in the feel good video of the week, posted above.

It may all be academic; Scientific America inadvertently tells its readers that there may soon be a ceasefire in the Goreball Worming moral equivalent of war, though as Doug Powers writes:

These “deadlines” come and go, and those who push them remind me of Robin Williams’ old bit about Colonel Gaddafi’s warning: “This is the line of death: Cross it and die! — Alright, cross this line and die… Okay, cross this line and die…”

Besides, who knows if they’re lying, as Scientific American sorta kinda admitted was OK when it came to being a warm-mongering advocate?


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