81-Year-Old Korean War Vet Fights Off Carjacker

At the Tatler, Howard Nemerov writes:

Barney and Constance Trusewicz, married for 56 years, stopped for gasoline at a local service station. As Korean War vet Barney went to ask the attendant to activate the pump, “39-year-old Christopher Bowens had somewhere to go and he decided to carjack Constance and Barney.”

“It turns out Bowens just got out of prison in December and has as many priors as he does tattoos — numerous bank robberies, larcenies and stolen cars.”

Bowens jumped in the driver’s seat and ordered Constance to get out. Barney saw his wife being threatened and hustled over on his “bad knees” to confront Bowens. Barney reached in, turned off the car, and wrestled with Bowens, who had a knife. Holding onto the knife hand, Barney finally forced Bowens to leave.

Here’s why it’s a good idea for law-abiding senior citizens to go armed:

“He indicated that he targeted the elderly couple because of their age,” Lincoln Park Police Sergeant Joseph Lavis said in court. “He felt that they would offer little or no resistance.”


Chance are though, if Trusewicz was armed, the MSM wouldn’t be nearly as unambiguous in presenting this as a feel-good, old-timer fends off young punk sort of story, as we know from an early Silicon Graffiti (which you may recall, was yanked off YouTube for a time; try and guess why):

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1526881&dest=-1]


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