Obama Administration Barks, Supine MSM Breaks Out the Airbrushes

I think it was Robert Morley who ended up killing the great chefs of Europe. But a post at the Tatler asks, “Who Keeps 404ing Stories about Malia Obama’s Spring Break Trip to Mexico?”


Or as Brian Doherty of Reason writes, “Obama’s Daughter Vacations in Mexico, But Let’s Not Discuss It. In Fact, Let’s Not Even Ever Have Discussed It:”

Completely divorced from the question of whether a politician’s children are fair game for political attack, or even having their existence and life mentioned, this unfolding incident–stories from earlier today about Malia Obama and a gaggle of buddies spring breaking in Mexico (a place normal American kids are advised to avoid) with Secret Service protection disappearing from news sites–seems to indicate the White House can get a wide range of sites to take down stories, even if it is just with gentle persuasion or appeals to some higher standard. And that is highly unnerving.

Click over to the Blaze for some screen shots of the stories that have been yanked down. At least before that post 404s.

Entirely Unrelated, I’m Sure:  “Your First Amendment rights can be terminated if you’re creating a scene or whatever,” a Chicago police officer told an NBC affiliate’s cameraman on Saturday as he was putting the cuffs on him.


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