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Politico Cries Wolf

“Politico: Enough of the ‘Indignation Industry,'” Ace writes:

I wish they were serious about this. I’d sure like an end to the left’s incessant “He said a dirty word” childish tattletaling and, even worse, the silly crap we on the right respond with in kind, to make the point.

I get the reason to make the point, to notify the left of what the same rules feel like when used as a weapon against them. But despite that defensible point, I feel silly about doing it. It doesn’t feel like us. It feels like them. It feels like imbeciles who shriek at the sight of a mouse.

Jonathan Martin of Politico recently referred to the “cracker counties” of Florida (those bordering Georgia and Alabama), and the right has taken him to task for his very own Macacca Moment.

After he complained how silly that all was, now a fellow writer at Politico writes about how silly the game is, generally.

I agree. But let’s remember that going forward, huh? Let’s not just realize it’s silly when applied against a co-worker, eh?

* * * * *

Back to Politico’s point: It’s a great point. I’m glad someone in the liberal media made it.

And I expect they’ll drop what they know about the essential falseness and triviality of the Indignation Industry the next time the Democratic Party and Obama for America needs them to.


Especially given that it’s Politico, which makes its living pitting various American political factions against each other — invariably, given the Website’s liberal allegiances, using conservatives as punching bags.  It’s awfully rich of them to pretend to get offended when someone calls them on their shtick.

(And don’t miss Ace’s thoughts in the same post on why Romney is running. Romney’s reasoning as a candidate is a sort of Reader’s Digest condensed version 0f the decisions Bush #43 made in office, determined to avoid the mistakes his father made as president.)

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