Metaphor Alert: 'Main Street USA will be Closed for the Duration of the President’s Time There'

Mission Accomplished!

In October of 2007, Barack Obama told his loyal early followers, “We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”


And lo, today, the Kingdom has risen.

The Magic Kingdom:

Disney says the president will be at the Magic Kingdom, which means guests can plan for heavy security. Main Street USA will be closed for the duration of the president’s time there. Guests will be re-routed to other parts of the park. Disney is also cancelling extra magic hours for the Magic Kingdom, and pushing back the “Celebrate a Dream Come True” parade.

As Robin Williams once said, don’t ever visit Pluto, it’s a Mickey Mouse planet. And presidents with a reputation for magical thinking (shared with his most rabid followers) probably shouldn’t visit Disney World in an election year. The optics of this aren’t quite John Kerry swimming through the Fallopian tubes bad, but as BuzzFeed notes, “13 Photos Of Barack Obama At Disney That Will Probably Turn Up In Attack Ads.” (Gentlemen, start your downloads.)

Mediaite carps, “They really couldn’t find any other land in Disney World to do this in, like Fantasyland, or maybe Adventureland? On the other hand, at least they avoided shutting down Liberty Square.”


Liberty Square has been permanently shut down since November of 2008; Adventureland is far too jingoistic sounding for our postmodern anti-colonial president, and really — doesn’t he already own a permanent condo in Fantasyland?

Also note the duality — or perhaps the karma — of the timing: Disney is welcoming Obama onto its grounds for a photo-op, even as its news division is delivering questionable crackback hits to his current two chief opponents.

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