Ed Driscoll

'Gingrich Wins The GOP Debate In The First Five Minutes'

That’s the headline that’s on this YouTube clip of Newt Gingrich’s thorough defenestration of CNN’s John King:



Yes, Newt has heap big baggage, which would very likely make him too toxic to undecideds. But why can’t all GOP presidential nominees respond to setup questions like he does?

Update: Big Journalism’s Joel Pollak adds, “Brent Bozell may have said it best: ‘Someone get the license number of the truck that just ran John King over.'”

Bryan Preston, blogging from South Carolina adds, “Newt Gingrich was not my preferred candidate, and still isn’t. But in these debates he has proven that Republicans love a fighter. We are tired of a biased media belittling us and denigrating, even undermining, us. We are tired of an ignorant media inflating nonsense and avoiding asking the other side the tough questions Republicans deal with every day. Like a Civil War general once accused of letting his personal problems get in the way of doing his duty, we may not be able to spare Newt Gingrich. He isn’t perfect, far from it. But he fights.”

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