Future Events Such as These Will Affect You in the Future

Orrin Judd links to a new piece on “The Next Future” by John Crowley that begins:

During a summer in the late 1960s I discovered an easy and certain method of predicting the future. Not my own future, the next turn of the card, or market conditions next month or next year, but the future of the world lying far ahead. It was quite simple. All that was needed was to take the reigning assumptions about what the future was likely to hold, and reverse them. Not modify, negate, or question, but reverse. It was self-evident that this was the right method, because so many of the guesses that the past had made about its then future–that is, my own present–had turned out to be not only wrong but the opposite of what came to be instead, the more so the further ahead they had been projected.


Don’t miss Orrin’s rejoinder, a reminder of some of the wackier eschatological fantasies of leftwing elites. Speaking of which, given that the piece by Crowley is appearing in Lapham’s Quarterly, why not just ask his boss what the future holds?


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