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Metaphor Alert: 'Let's See If My Credit Card Still Works'

Obama goes Christmas shopping* with your money, and says to the unfortunate Best Buy clerk surrounded by multiple cameras, and a phalanx of Secret Service agents, "Let's see if my credit card still works," Real Clear Politics reports:

"It will be really embarrassing if it doesn't," remarked President Obama as he was attempting to pay for some items he bought while Christmas shopping. (at the 2:39 mark in the video [at RCP])

Obama was taking some time out of the Washington bubble and went shopping at a Best Buy store and Petsmart in Alexandria, Virginia.

That's pretty much what 2012 is all about isn't it? The voters will decide if we'll keep making the payments on the anti-American Express Card of America's self-proclaimed Fourth Greatest President:

* Say, at the risk of sounding churlish, who are the gifts for?