Ed Driscoll

'Why isn’t Brian Williams Telling Me This?'

John Nolte on “Dead Movement Walking: Top Ten New Media Moments That Brought Down #OccupyWallStreet:”

Now that they’ve officially been hung out to dry by both the elite media and the Left, Occupy Wall Street has apparently decided to die with a whimper instead of with dignity. Five lonely Occupiers in Chicago. Three in Indiana. And when that evil (not really) Rush Limbaugh makes an appearance in the very heart of Occupied territory, New York City, and only a dozen or so neo-hippie crybabies bother to show up, methinks that’s a death rattle I hear.

But you have to remember ’twas New Media that killed Obama’s astro-turfed, anti-American army of poopers, rapists, vandals, drug abusers and trespassers — and that without New Media the MSM would’ve gotten away with their evil (yes, really) master plan, which was to recreate the sixties’ anti-war movement. The whole of the MSM intended to give these Occupy degenerates the same oxygen they gave anti-war degenerates forty years ago. The worst people in the world would be spoon fed the encouragement and legitimacy required to spin them into something they are not. And all of this was going to be made possible through the covering up of a hundreds of sins both big and small.

The only problem for the MSM, though, is that this isn’t the sixties and, therefore, they no longer control every portal of mass communication. Thus, armed with our own cameras, the power to disseminate information without funneling through the media’s corrupt filter, and armed with THE TRUTH — video by photo by investigative report, Occupy collapsed under the exposed weight of their own hypocrisy, noxious beliefs, and craven misdeeds.

In the form of a victory lap, here are my top ten New Media moments:

Embedding a clip of a reporter for a Bay Area ABC affiliate on location at Occupy Oakland, in which she tells the anchorman back at the station that her cameraman was threatened with having his camera smashed if they took video inside the camp, thus putting to bed “the lie the MSM was spreading about Occupiers being nothing more than a peaceful bunch of neo-hippies anguished over social injustice,” John writes:

What New Media did here was what the MSM refused to do — take a local report and turn it a national news story. The above video clip was disseminated nationwide over the Intertubes and the effect was two-fold. First, it put a different face on the Occupiers, and secondly, it let the rest of the country know the MSM wasn’t telling them the full truth. “Why isn’t Brian Williams telling me this?” people asked. “Why am I only hearing about this online?”

Remember, any damage done to the MSM’s credibility is a blow against Occupy and a victory for America.

In a way, this also points out the logical inconsistency of OWS. New Media is a loosely organized grass roots effort, often consisting of one man bloggers making up the Long Tail, versus the Top Down Media based in New York, DC and L.A. From the folk Marxist language that OWS championed, isn’t this a victory of the 99 Percent over the One Percent?

Not from OWS’s perspective — which for Old Media is the ultimate economic-oriented news story that arrives “Unexpectedly.”