Ed Driscoll

In the Year 2525

…Or at least the year 2025; that’s how long Occupy Wall Street vows to remain in their Obamaville:

Now they want to Occupy the Future.

Determined Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have vowed they’re not leaving Zuccotti Park anytime soon, and their online agenda suggests they mean business — with events scheduled through Oct. 26, 2025.

“Maybe it’s a typo?” said Patricia Moore, 58, of Cedar Street, chair of Community Board 1’s quality-of-life committee.

“It will be Occupy Wall Street’s grandchildren. The community board will have to fight to build a school over there.

“It would be bad enough if it’s 2015. But if they keep getting donations like they are, who knows?”

Maybe by then Wall Street would have stopped supporting OWS’s fellow Democrats.

Related: As Mark Steyn writes, “At OWS the form is still the same – the third-of-a-century old fashions, the half-century-old songs – in the same way that at Franz Joseph’s last military ceremonial in Vienna in the autumn of 1913 the form was still the same – the imperial coach and its six white Lippizaners, the Polish cuirassiers, the Hungarian hussars in leopard skin. But, in Zuccotti Park as in the Schwarzenbergplatz, in Oakland as in Rome, the animating health and vigor are fled.”

Presumably, those forms will remain the same until at least the year 2269, if not the Year 2525.