Ed Driscoll

I Smell the Stench of Appeasement in the Air

“Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends” — Kate McMillan’s blog motto (and Margaret Tatcher’s quote in her headline) sums up these before and after photos remarkably well:

As the Atlantic notes in the first bullet point:

The store’s decision will likely meet with approval from the corporate HQ: George Zimmer, founder and chairman of Men’s Wearhouse, has repeatedly donated to Democratic candidates in multiple election cycles, including progressives like 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean and Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.).

Does the outcome meet Zimmer’s approval? Presumably, it should:

Last year, Obama promised “Hand to Hand” combat with Congress; clearly, his supporters were simply taking it to the streets, to coin a popular slogan from those halcyon radical chic days that Bay Area “progressives” remember so fondly.