Ed Driscoll

Stop—Or Mayor Mike Will Say 'Stop Again!'

“Bloomberg strikes tougher tone on Occupy Wall Street.”

Robin Williams’ old joke about unarmed British bobbies shouting “Stop! Or I’ll say, ‘stop again!'” sums up this New York Daily News headline about their city’s feckless mayor perfectly. In Oakland, Mayor Quan has taken the reverse approach, backing away from her earlier tougher tone to sheer passivity, and is now paying the price: “BREAKING: #OccupyOakland Vandalizes Whole Foods Store UPDATE: Smashes Bank of America Windows, Too.”

Also being reported, “Two people were injured when a man driving a silver Mercedes drove into a crowd of demonstrators in downtown Oakland. Several witnesses say the driver was provoked by a demonstrator who banged on the hood of his car as he attempted to turn onto a street thronged with demonstrators.”

Further north, Seattle protests old school-style, according to this CNN tweet quoted by Michelle Malkin: “Like a scene out of the French revolution: #occupyseattle protesting outside Sheraton where biz leaders can be seen eating dinner.”

Makes sense to reference the original Ground Zero of liberal fascism — one bright spark already brought the guillotine back to the Emerald City earlier this week.

Finally, Rob Port of the Say Anything blog sums up the difference between the Tea Party and the Occupiers in one word.

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