Ed Driscoll

The Oakland Raiders' Al Davis: 1929-2011

The Oakland Raiders’ homepage is currently announcing the death of the original Darth Raider. Last month Fox Sports reported:”The Oakland Raiders will not win another Super Bowl as long as owner Al Davis is alive and in charge of the franchise, NBC Sunday Night Football play-by-play man Al Michaels told a TMZ.com photographer:”

 Michaels was stopped Monday evening outside Boa Restaurant in Hollywood and asked on camera, “Are we (the Raiders) ever going to win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive?”

“No,” Michaels responded without hesitation.

“Never?” asked the photographer, a self-professed “huge” Raiders fan.

“How much longer do you think Al Davis is going to live?” Michaels asked, turning the questioning back to the cameraman.

“He’ll outlive all of us!” the TMZ photog exclaimed.

“Well, he may do that,” Michaels said with a laugh, “but you ain’t gonna win a Super Bowl.”

Just as the Dallas Cowboys have been a very different franchise after Jerry Jones bought the team and let Tom Landry and Tex Schramm go, the post-Al Davis Oakland Raiders are likely to be a rather different organization without its original architect at the helm. Presumably a less litigious one, given Davis’s propensity in recent years to sue early and often.

If you’re an NFL fan, feel free to post your thoughts, pro and con on Davis in the comments.

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