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Don't Cry for B., Argentina

At the American Thinker, Jayson Allyn explores “Why Obama reminds me of Evita:”

This leads me to the recent pronouncements in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the Chief Executive need to feel, to quote a song from Evita, “High flying, adored!”  It is hard not to see Obama’s need for adoration every time he preaches to the masses calling for more austerity from businesses and the middle class, while the First Couple vacations at Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii (not that there is anything wrong with either place mind you!).  What good for thee is not good for me appears to be the Obama mindset.  The President has taken a page right out of Evita: tax millionaires, spread the wealth, vilify investors, embrace international terrorist states/organizations, and hype the masses into putting on their “marching shoes” to encourager les autres!  All the while, creating a cult of personality that has people and the media believing he is a living god who can stop the oceans from rising.

Maybe I missed something in Leadership 101 during my days of military college training at Norwich University, but if your sole reason for being a leader depends on the adoration of the masses, you are certain to fail spectacularly. When Evita finally entered into immortally, Juan Peron’s presidency collapsed under the weight of corruption and lies that the regime’s cheap Styrofoam columns of the day could not bear.  The same can be said of our own First Couple in the White House, and it come as no surprise if someday soon the “Spiritual Leader of the Nation” stood at the window of the Casa Blanca in Washington, D.C., and sang, “If you loved me…You’ll pass this bill!”  If history is an indicator of the future, once the signing starts, the final act of what is likely a one-term Obama administration must be near at hand.


While I saw Evita on Broadway 30 years ago, the height of Obamamania reminds me of slightly more abrasive, yet equally apropos music — and also the words “preference cascade:”

Related: “WaPo suggests Michelle Obama’s Target trip was orchestrated,” Rick Rice of Wizbang notes, adding that the choreography of the event isn’t news, but that the Washington Post is reporting on it is. And while Rice suggests that “Perhaps the WaPo would engage now in an exposé looking into what else news organizations are doing to make things up about the Obamas,” he’s not holding his breath waiting for that sort of actual journalism to emerge from the WaPo.

Can’t say I blame him.

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