Joy Division: Behar Bats .500 on 9/11

At Newsbusters, Tim Graham watches Joy Behar so you don’t have to, and spots Behar channeling her “Inner Rosie: Conservative Pols Who ‘Use’ Christianity Have ‘Same Syndrome’ as 9/11 Terrorists:”


On Saturday night, HLN replayed Joy Behar’s Tuesday interview with Broadway and TV star Kristin Chenoweth, when Joy celebrated how the actress is “standing tall in the face of criticism from her fellow Christians for her public support of gay rights.” But Joy went further than that. She channeled her inner Rosie O’Donnell and suggested politicians who “use Christianity to make their point” are using the “same syndrome” as “these terrorists who used Islam to kill 3,000 people on 9/11.”

This impaired doozy came at the end of a discussion about how Chenoweth feels she is the better, more compassionate Christian for embracing homosexuality (and after all, how is she going to be a Broadway star without doing that?) Oh, and since the 9/11 thing wasn’t enough, Joy also suggested a “slew” of kids committed suicide in Michelle Bachman’s district because of the “anti-gay” attitudes there (thank you, New York Times).

BEHAR: What about these politicians who use Christianity to make their point? That bothers me.

CHENOWETH: You know, there is a reason.

BEHAR: Any religion. Any religion.


BEHAR: It doesn’t have to be just Christianity. I mean, you can talk about these terrorists who used Islam to kill 3,000 people on 9/11, it’s the same syndrome.


Sure, Joy Behar is a religious bigot. But look on the bright side: unlike former her former View co-hostess Rosie O’DonnellJoy actually knows who carried out 9/11, so she’s got that going for her at least.

But what are her thoughts on the veracity of the moon landing?

(And as far as “politicians who use Christianity to make their point,” why does Behar hate President Obama so? Perhaps AttackWatch should look into this.)



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