Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake in Virginia

As Instapundit notes, “A magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Virginia:”

UPDATE: Readers felt it as far away as Baltimore, Delaware, and Lehigh, Pennsylvania.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hard to believe, but reader Eric Halpern says he felt it in Hartford: “My vertical blinds were rocking back and forth, and we all came out of our offices to ask, ‘Did you feel that?’”


My mom in South Jersey just called to tell me she and her neighbors felt the quake as well. She described it as feeling the floor was about to cave in, and then turned on the TV to see shots of office workers leaving their swaying skyscrapers in Philadelphia and NYC on the TV news. That jibes with what Tina Korbe at Hot Air writes: “Numerous bystanders and longtime residents evacuated from buildings in New York said they hadn’t felt shaking like this since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The same thought echoed in the corridors of the Pentagon, too.”

Bryan Preston has continuous updates and links at the Tatler.

Update: But of course: “Obama Golfing in Martha’s Vineyard When Earthquake Hit.”

Drudge is wondering if more smiting is soon to come: “As Hurricane Irene barrels north towards the Florida coast, it is looking more and more likely the storm will make a big splash on the D.C. region this weekend.”


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