Ed Driscoll

Mr. President, We Cannot Afford an Intercontinental Ballistic Railroad Gap!

Warner Todd Houston of Big Journalism, doing the work that its namesake profession no longer does:

Well, maybe John Sexton and I both gave Obama a little too much credit on this “intercontinental railroad” gaffe? When he and I wrote about this little gaffe we both assumed that it was no big deal, that it was juts a slip of the tongue — and an easy one to make at that — but that it was evidence of how the Old Media gave Obama a free pass on mistakes. But now it is starting to look like Obama really doesn’t know the difference between the words “intercontinental” and “transcontinental.”

The first incident that John found was posted at Verum Serum a few days ago. He found a video clip of Obama calling the famous American railroad line finished in 1869 an “intercontinental” railroad. Of course it was not intercontinental at all as it was fully contained inside but one country: ours. It was, of course, a transcontinental railroad as it ran across our own country from coast to coast, bringing our nation into one more easily traveled land mass for the first time.


As WTH writes, “this whole intercontinental FAILroad issue really does highlight the Old Media’s bias in favor of Obama. Can you imagine any situation where the Old Media would have ignored so many instances of Bush or members of his administration repeatedly blurting out the same incorrect talking point?”

Besides, I thought the men who built these railroads were evil capitalist “robber barons.” Who knew that federally-created Amtrak stretched back to the 19th century?

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