Ed Driscoll

Unemployment Unexpectedly Up, President Hardest Hit

“Job News a Blow to Obama” exclaims the headline on the front of yesterday’s dead tree edition of the San Jose Mercury News. Click over to Ricochet for a photo, under which Peter Robinson writes, “Unemployed Also Feeling Impact,” but they aren’t nearly as big a concern to the Murky News, as the newspaper very publicly inverts the hoary old cliche of the newspaper industry and comfort the comfortable, while he’s busy afflicting the afflicted:

An unemployment rate of more than nine percent, with another seven percent of workers having dropped out of the labor pool.  More than one in six Americans of working age, in other words, either can’t find work or have become so discouraged that they’ve quit trying.  And the San Jose Mercury News wants us to feel sorry for a man whose policies have made matters worse?

In his latest essay at PJM, Victor Davis Hanson flashes back to “The Great Madness of 2004-10,” to which the MSM played no small part. And for President Obama’s biggest boosters in old media, the crazy train is a proving a tough one to disembark.

But how to break the vicious circle the job market is currently trapped in? It’s the ultimate Mobius Loop, a Catch-2012.

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