Where Have You Gone Miss Cleo, Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

More great economic news, as a once self-proclaimed reality-based community turns to higher authorities for answers. First up, Democrat Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson “will participate in fasting and prayer” to “help Harrisburg out of its financial crisis” according to this Pennsylvania news Website:


To help Harrisburg out of its financial crisis, area Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders have called for three days of fasting and praying for a more cooperative spirit among Harrisburg government leaders, the business community and residents.

The voluntary event will start at midnight on Tuesday and run through 5 p.m. Friday. During that time, various churches and temples will be open to the public.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson said she will participate in the event.

The Rev. Herb Stoner, pastor of adult training at Christ Community Church of Camp Hill, said the answers to problems in Harrisburg and the region won’t be found in the wisdom or ability of humans.

“Therefore, united, we turn our hearts to God, knowing that he is good, and that his plans for the capitol region will give us a bright future and a glorious hope,” Stoner said.

And if that doesn’t work, it’s time to break out the Ouija boards. As Doug Powers writes at Michelle Malkin’s Weblog, “When I heard that CNN was bringing in psychics, I just thought they needed help in determining where Eliot Spitzer’s ratings were buried, but nope — it was to talk about the future of the global finance:”

The Fed Chairman is absolutely stumped as to why the economy is where it is as well as where it’s going (it’s impossible to predict the future with any degree of accuracy when you refuse to honestly interpret the past), Tim Geithner thinks more of the same will achieve a different result, and the administration in general is determined to follow the same “green jobs” path that is helping drive a stake through the financial heart of parts of Europe. Given that, you don’t need a soothsayer to predict what will happen economically if we stay on the present course.

In short, CNN brought in psychics when they should have been talking to undertakers:


No, really!


If the current state of CNN seems more than a little, well, strange, fortunately, CNN has begun cloning their earlier, more successful anchors, in hopes of raising their on-air talent level in future decades:


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