Ed Driscoll

On a Friday at 5:00 PM, Saturday at Midnight, or January of 2013?

“So When Will [Obama’s] By-Passed Lawyers Be Resigning?” Hugh Hewitt asks:

Constitutional conservatives are already alarmed by this president’s unilateralism on legal issues, such as his direction to DOJ to stop defending DOMA, the pending executive order on campaign finance disclosure or his demand on EPA to create the cap-and-trade system via regulation that the Congress wouldn’t enact even with super-majorities of Democrats.

This latest legal escapade should drive home to everyone not in the Obama-fawning MSM that this president is as imperial as W or RN ever dreamed of being.  Bypassing the lawyers you don’t like to get to those who agree with you in fact sounds very Nixonian, but the lawyers Nixon overruled had the decency to quit rather than let their offices be downgraded.  Will the lawyers in Team Obama stand by their legal judgment or with their increasingly unilateralist boss?

Perhaps Ann Althouse has the perfect rejoinder to Hugh’s question: “Oh, settle down. You’re acting like Obama is a Republican.”

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