Ed Driscoll

This is CNN: 'Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands'

Good grief, who is editing the CNN-Money portion of CNN’s Website?

Last night, the nation was forced to endure the nonsensical “this or that” questions by CNN anchor John King at yesterday’s GOP debate. Today’s article by CNN-Money’s Jeanne Sahadi on the debt ceiling started with the headline captured below by the Weasel Zippers blog. I know this will be a difficult quiz, but switch your liberal media bias detector to double-front maximum, and see if you can spot the leftwing bias in the headline:

That headline was changed to this version, which is currently online as of time of this post:

That’s not exactly a big improvement. Recall that during the 2008 primary season, the San Francisco Chronicle simply nodded and yawned in January of 2008 when Barack Obama, then one of the Democratic candidates for the presidency (neck and neck with Hillary at the time) said he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry. A few months later, CNN was happy to make Rev. Wright go away to help Obama out as well.

But Republican concerns about the debt ceiling, blown asunder by CNN’s presidential candidate once office, gets this sort of treatment from CNN? (And as Ed Morrissey mentioned at Hot Air, have mentioned, note that of the three Republicans pictured by CNN, only Marco Rubio is currently in office and has any actual input on this issue.)

But hey, not everyone can be as hip and cool in the eyes of CNN as Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, or “Hezbollah’s giants.”

And the headlines screen-capped above are coming just a few weeks after CNN-Money ran this headline, which looks even more worse in light of the dismal economic news that followed, which would have been more dismal without the jobs created in Perry’s state:

As the Zippers write today, “Nice to see CNN has given up all illusions of being an actual news organization.”

Leftwing blogs are starting to explore “Why The Democratic Party Has Abandoned The Middle Class In Favor Of The Rich,” a topic we first referenced six years ago. (Willie Sutton would know.) Evidently CNN-Money is working very hard both to confirm that’s their primary — perhaps only — readership, and to paraphrase the classic riff from Spinal Tap’s manager, to make CNN’s audience as “selective” as possible, as well.