Ed Driscoll

Not Wrong, Just Evil

We all knew Yahoo (or at least their New Zealand spin-off branch), as with virtually all leftwing reactionaries, hated Sarah Palin, but who knew they considered her “evil?”

The last sentence has since been scrubbed, presumably because of the boatload of hate mail the search engine received, but here’s what an an otherwise innocuous Yahoo NZ “Celeb-Look-Alike” page had to say about Palin:

It’s funny — the producers of a conservative/libertarian documentary on global warming, much more a socialist effort to control virtually every aspect of our lives than anything remotely considered “science,” we’re at least smart enough use a light touch and call their project Not Evil, Just Wrong. But the writers of a fun, breezy, gossipy celebrity look-alike page think nothing of declaring someone “evil.” (No wonder 35 percent or so of the left became obsessed with being “Truthers” in the wake of 9/11, as it got them off the hook of debating whether or not terrorists, let alone Islamofascist terrorists were evil.)

It’s this sort of thing that makes me want to see Palin run — and win if she does — or at least be a prominent part of the next GOP administration, if only to shove such groupthink (or group no-think, to be accurate) back in its makers’ collective faces.

At the very least, the Scanners-style heads exploding would certainly be fun to watch, no?

Related: In other news regarding the gossip-oriented celebrity press, “Politico Issues Correction After Palin Camp Bashes Authors for ‘Making Up’ Quote.”

Update: Heh — good catch by reader “New Caledonia” in the comments below: “The Yahoo writer also thinks that Sarah Palin was Vice President. Boy, has she gotten under the skin of leftists — she loses the election and they still think she won!”

Update: Albeit almost certainly unintentionally, Yahoo’s New Zealand branch really lived out Krauthammer’s Law, eh?