Ed Driscoll

Google Blacklists Althouse Blog?

I’ll be back to blogging here in just a bit, but in the meantime, I just wanted to point out this latest insanity from the self-proclaimed “Don’t be evil” folks at Google. Yet another reminder why I’m glad I quit Google-owned Blogspot.com seven years ago.

Update: Ann has resumed blogging on her backup blog (also on Blogspot, alas); meanwhile, the moderator of the “Help” thread at Google, whom as I understand from some of the comments on Ann’s blog is not a Google employee, but is certainly acting as their surrogate, is taunting her, and her readers.

That seems remarkably stupid. In and of itself it may not be evil, but it’s certainly banal.

Update: Understatement of the year: “Google is not helping itself today.”

Incidentally, Ann’s original blog is back online, but as of the moment, sans its years of content. Hopefully Google can repopulate that material.