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Faux News vs. 60 Minutes—Stop the fight!

Film critic Christian Toto asked if he could contribute from time to time while I’m blogging at Instapundit; here’s his first post here — Ed:



Those unfair and unbalanced “reporters” over at Fox News could sure learn a thing or two about journalism from the 60 Minutes crowd.

Take Steve Kroft’s blistering line of questions for President Barack Obama on the CBS show’s Sunday installment. Newsbusters details the textbook case of Journalism 101, from Kroft’s opening salvo (“Mr. President, was this the most satisfying week of your presidency?” to gems like, “Was it hard keeping your focus?” aimed at the President’s Herculean task of juggling things like the White House Correspondents Dinner and surveying the tornado damage in Alabama.

Kroft neglected to ask Obama about how the president railed for years against the very policies that led to Osama bin Laden’s capture. But that’s a minor point.

The public, quite frankly, is better informed today than it was the day before Kroft’s interview. Bravo!

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, anchor Chris Wallace was stumbling and bumbling his way through an interview with Obama national security adviser Tom Donilon. The overmatched Wallace asked Donilon irrelevant questions like, “why is shooting an unarmed man in the face legal and proper while enhanced interrogation, including waterboarding of a detainee under very strict controls and limits, why is that over the line?


Donilon gently stayed in his seat and listened to the rest of Wallace’s questions. Good for him.

Thank goodness veteran shows like 60 Minutes are still around to show the punks over at Fox how it’s done.

Christian Toto is a freelance writer for The Washington Times. His work has appeared in People magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, The Denver Post, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and boxofficemagazine.com. He also contributes movie radio commentary to three stations as well as the nationally syndicated Dennis Miller Show and runs the blog What Would Toto Watch?

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